Recap: Graham Business District Tour Aug 23

MLKBA board member Susanna Tran led the Aug 23 Tour of the Graham Business District. She said, “The tour went very well. All, with the exception of one couple (they were from Greenwood), have lived in the area for lengthy periods of time yet have never visited any of the businesses on the tour.

Jackfruit was sampled at Viet Wah and I pointed out all of the locally produced/sourced ingredients and assisted tour goers to find ingredients to make pho. Everyone tried pennywort mung bean (rau ma dau xanh) drinks, moon cakes, eggrolls, and tofu sandwiches for the vegetarians at Tony’s Bakery and Deli. At Rainier Restaurant, Franklin Chau (another MLKBA board member) generously allowed us to order as we pleased, so we feasted on ong choy salad (which was the favorite), betel leaf beef, roasted quail and vegetarian chowmein. Most everyone tried café sua da as well.

The highlight was reaching the top of the temple grounds and overlooking the MLK/Graham intersection.”

Register for the next tour on Saturday, September 13th by contacting Sarah Valenta at 206 760-4213 or Former MLKBA board chair Julie Pham will lead a tour of Lydia’s Fashions, New Holly Gift Shop, Seattle Chinese Herbs, Steps Cafe, and Huarchitos Restaurant.
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