March 27th-April 10th, 2020

Eat your way through South Seattle!

Get ready for the one & only event bringing dozens of restaurants in Southeast Seattle together so visitors can break bread & build community over $20-30 shared plates.

How it Works

Find the clues from each business below. Submit your answers on the website, and be entered to win a prize! Winners and prizes will be announced Jan 11th, 2020.

CLUE: Go to our website. Go through the gallery and identify the event that took place on MLK Jr. Way S.

CLUE: Take a picture of the Cafe Red events calendar!

CLUE: Name 2 of our unique services found on our website.

CLUE: Take a selfie in front of our Reception!

CLUE: Go to our site, and name two programs that East African Community Services offers.

CLUE: Take a photo of our logo located inside our office.

CLUE: Go to our site and tell us which 2 candies you’d like to try!

CLUE: Take a photo of the mannequin outside of the store.

CLUE: Why did Rainier Valley Midwives open their office in Rainier Valley?

CLUES: What year was Runta News started? What does the word Runta mean?