Dec 1st-Jan 10th

The Hunt Begins!

Your quest begins here! In order to play, just go to the sections below for more information.

How it Works

Find the clues from each business below. Submit your answers on the website, and be entered to win a prize! Winners and prizes will be announced Jan 11th, 2020.

CLUE: Go to our website. Go through the gallery and identify the event that took place on MLK Jr. Way S.

CLUE: Take a picture of the Cafe Red events calendar!

CLUE: Name 2 of our unique services found on our website.

CLUE: Take a selfie in front of our Reception!

CLUE: Go to our site, and name two programs that East African Community Services offers.

CLUE: Take a photo of our logo located inside our office.

CLUE: Go to our site and tell us which 2 candies you’d like to try!

CLUE: Take a photo of the mannequin outside of the store.

CLUE: Why did Rainier Valley Midwives open their office in Rainier Valley?

CLUES: What year was Runta News started? What does the word Runta mean?