Become a Member

Membership is open to individuals, businesses, commercial land owners, organizations, or associations operating in the MLK area. With your participation, your business will thrive and the MLK business district will be a vibrant corridor of commercial activity.

When you become a member, your business will have access to:
• Resources that support your business
• Free business trainings and workshops
• Free marketing and publicity through community events
• Networking with other businesses to share ideas and business strategies

When you become a member, your business will be listed on:
• MLKBA website
• MLKBA walking map/directory

When you become a member, you will make a positive contribution to the MLK area and its businesses by:
• Shaping an MLK identity that attracts customers to our vibrant and diverse district
• Creating a strong voice for the interests of the MLK community

Simply download the Membership Form, and email to